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The Bartolini System is the heart of our product. Our jazz style pick-ups are custom designed and wound to our specifics by Bill Bartolini. Bill has that special gift of taking the superlatives I give him, such as growl, piano-like clarity, and warmth, to create a unique and focused pick-up, exemplifying those expressions with a tonal color that is second to none.

The Progressive Series System features a three jazz pick-up configuration, strategically placed to optimize extreme tonal variations. The pre-amp features a full array of tonal options to yet further sculpt the sound of our custom pick-ups, with added personally-selected frequency settings from deep lows to pristine highs at the flick of a switch. This system represents the forward thinking concept of “voice” customization for your instrument. The Progressive Series is available for both the CH Series and the SC Series.

The Traditional Series System is a two pickup system featuring our custom wound bridge and neck pickups placed in the signature Jazz bass positions. For ease of use, the pre-amp is a basic Volume, Blend, Lows, Mids and Highs configuration, with an added personally-selected high frequency for extra brilliance - again, at the flick of a switch. The Traditional System is also available for both the CH Series and the SC Series.

Anthony Jackson, for whom I personally have a great deal of respect, once said in an article for Bass Player Magazine that, your instrument, combined with your personal technique applications (your hands), should be enough to enable any player to capture whatever sound is needed for whatever style or genre you’ve been designated to cover with only one instrument, rather than being dependent upon multiple instruments. We’ve worked hard on our basses to capture that philosophy.

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