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"I consider this bass irreplacable...I can't say enough about the quality of this product or the service. It doesn't get much better...Beleive me when I say this bass is fantastic!"
-review on Harmony Central

"I just can't say enough good things about it...I just don't what else you could ask for. I have owned and played a number of high-end basses and this thing will absolutely bury anything I've ever played."
-review on

This bass satisfies EVERY facet I look for in a bass!!! Playability, Tonally, Aesthetically, craftsmanship, balance...what can I say, I'm in Love! This bass plays like a dream! Jake has some AMAZING basses and this one can do it ALL!
-review on

This striking bass cuts a bold path through the current field of single-cutaway boutique instruments...The Signature Single Cut was one of the lightest, best balanced 5-strings we have had in the shop. The tone struck a fine balance between warm-and-woody and modern clarity. Playability and physicality were a delight to all.
-review in Bass Musician Magazine

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